One of the best things to do in Florida is to head out into open waters. With the help of Carbon Cat Charters, you can enjoy eco-tours, sandbar expeditions, and sunset cruises with the help of a highly experienced captain.

The question is, what kind of boating accessories should you bring with you? You certainly don’t have to worry about outfitting the boat (Captain Justin has that covered), there are still things to pack along with you to cruise in style.

Read on to learn about ten amazing boating accessories that will make your experience incredible.

1. Binoculars

Whether or not you’re an avid birdwatcher or wildlife lover, we highly recommend bringing a pair of binoculars on your boat trip. Tampa Bay is home to some amazing animals, many of which are easiest to spot from the open water. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to get a closer look at a dolphin or any of the other animals you encounter on your trip.

2. A Waterproof Camera

Taking a cruise in Tampa Bay is all about experiencing the moment–but you’re also going to want to document the moment. While you can certainly take photos and videos using your cellphone, we recommend bringing a waterproof camera. That way, you can take as many photos and videos as you like without worrying about your cell phone getting wet.

3. A Sun Hat

Out on the open water, the sun tends to shine bright. Unless you’re taking a nighttime fishing trip, we recommend bringing a sun hat that can shade your face and reduce the glare. Plus, sun hats are quite fashionable these days!

4. Sunscreen

Whether or not you bring a sun hat, we encourage all guests to wear sunscreen and pack a bottle for the trip. Sunscreen works best when reapplied about once every one to two hours, and most boat trips last upwards of three. Don’t ruin the rest of your trip by coming back to shore with a terrible sunburn! 

5. A Stocked Cooler or Picnic Basket

While Captain Justin will provide plenty of water for all passengers, we encourage you to bring any additional drinks or snacks with you on your cruise. A sealed cooler is best if you want to bring any cold drinks or refrigerated foods. Keep in mind that we do not allow glass bottles on deck and if you’re planning on bringing any adult beverages, our only request is that you don’t bring any liquor–beer, wine, and alcoholic seltzer are fine!

6. Extra Outer Layers

While we won’t head out if the seas are stormy, a light rain isn’t enough to bring us to shore, and you may want to bring a rain jacket or poncho to stay dry. Bonus points if your outer layers are made from UV-blocking fabric that can provide further protection from the sun!

7. Bluetooth Speakers

While it’s great to enjoy the sounds of the waves and nearby wildlife, you may also want to kick back and enjoy some tunes. These days, it’s easy to find wireless Bluetooth speakers that will connect to your phone or audio device. Keep in mind that you may want to make sure that your playlists are downloaded to your phone, just in case your cell phone signal is spotty when we’re out at sea.

8. A Wireless Power Bank

If you do decide to bring along some of the electronics we’ve recommended here, you may also want to invest in a small wireless power bank. That way, you can recharge any of your devices as needed while you’re still enjoying your cruise. After all, your camera and speakers won’t do you much good if they run out of power before the trip is over!

9. Beach Towels

Bringing along a few beach towels is never a bad idea. Beach towels are great to have on hand because they can provide extra cushion for seating, make sunbathing easy, or keep you dry in the event that you get splashed or rained on. Plus, you can use your beach towels to cover up any items you want to keep dry or out of the sun during your trip.

10. Motion Sickness Medicine

If you know that you get a little bit of motion sickness or you’ve never taken a cruising or fishing charter before, you may want to pack along some motion sickness medicine. Dramamine is a popular and reliable brand of motion sickness medicine. Nowadays, you can find motion sickness medicine in pill or tablet form, which are both easy to stow away in your carry-on bag.

Do You Need to Bring Any Fishing Gear?

If you’re taking a fishing charter, will you need to pack along any fishing gear as part of your boat accessories? At Carbon Cat Charters, we bring everything you need to catch, clean, and store fish. We know the best rods, reels, and bait for the fish swimming off the shores of Tampa.

Pack Your Boating Accessories and Join Us at Carbon Cat Charters 

When you travel to Tampa Bay, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hit the open waters. Carbon Cat Charters makes it easy to cruise or fish the gulf. All you need are your boating accessories of your choosing, your tickets, and your smile!

If a chartered cruise sounds like the right way to spend a few hours of your Tampa Bay vacation, book your trip today.