You probably heard that Florida is “The Fishing Capital of the World.” So you and your pals charter a boat with us in sunny Tampa Bay. You’ve got the gear and the bait. 

But you don’t have a clue about which fish of Florida to catch. You also don’t know where to look. Well, my fellow anglers, the first place to look for Florida fish is here.

So, before you tighten up the rod, take a moment to finish this Florida fishing guide. You’ll become an expert in fishing spots in Tampa. Then prepare to make lasting memories with us at the premier fishing spots in Florida. 

1) Grouper Fish of Florida

Grouper fishing in Florida is popular during spring to early fall. You check numerous coastal water fishing spots in Florida for Groupers. 

During the off-months, Florida usually closes Grouper fishing. That way, these fish can repopulate for fishing. Grouper is a Florida fish that top 100 pounds. 

Grouper fish feed on reefs, crab, and squid. For catching these behemoth fish, we recommend the bottom fishing technique. This technique uses bait, like reefs and squid, to lure the Groupers.   

If Groupers are your Florida fish, they come in different varieties. So, get the bait ready for these common Groupers. 

  1. Black Grouper
  2. Goliath Grouper
  3. Nassau Grouper
  4. Red Grouper 

The Snowy Grouper and Warsaw Grouper are other unique Florida fish. Take a strong rod because the Warsaw can top 400 lbs. You can find Grouper fish in shallow waters, especially with reefs. 

2) Cobia Fishing in Florida 

Cobia Fishing in Florida works well for inexperienced anglers. It’s not uncommon for Cobia Florida fish to be over three-feet long. There are many fishing spots in Florida to catch Cobia. 

Cobia fish move about the Florida coast in different parts of the year. But generally, you can find Cobia around reefs.

The Florida Keys

Cobia like to gather in the Florida Keys during the winter months. They are prevalent in Key West Harbor at the beginning of the year. 

Florida’s Atlantic Coast 

Cobia fish gather on Florida’s Atlantic coast towards the end of March. And come early summer, you can find them all through the coastal waters.

The Gulf of Mexico 

The Gulf is where you fish for Cobia all year long. During the summer, waters inland are home to many Coba fishing spots in Florida. 

3) Snapper Fishing in Florida 

Fishing in Tampa means plenty of Snapper. The Mangrove Snappers is the most common variety. They also go by Gray Snapper. If you’re looking for fishing spots in Florida for Snapper, consider these varieties:

It is common for Snapper Florida fish to weigh over two pounds. Snappers like to hang around piers, bridges, and piles of rock. You can fish for Mangrove Snapper all year long in Tampa.  

4) Redfish Fishing in Florida 

You might also hear Redfish go by Red Drum or Channel Bass. Redfish boasts many fishing spots in Florida. Anglers can turn to the Gulf Coast for these fish of Florida. 

Anglers can readily identify Redfish with their white bellies and bronze skin tone. However, the male bull Redfish can easily weigh over 50 pounds. 

The best fishing spots in Florida to catch them are grassy waters and shallow areas. The late summer months and fall is the best time to go Redfish fishing. Tampa’s shorelines and deep waters house abundant Redfish. 

Most common types of bait are good enough to snag Redfish. Artificial baits also attracts Redfish. The fly and spinning fish techniques are ideal for capturing Redfish. 

5) Tarpon Fishing in Florida 

Tarpon Florida fish can top 100 pounds. Anglers also refer to Tarpon as Silver King. But prepare to work to catch them.

Tarpons can jump up to ten feet out of the water on a fishing line. Please know that Florida considers Tarpons as a catch and release fish. Additional fees are to keep Tarpons permanently. 

The Florida Keys remain for Tarpons fishing in Florida. Florida’s Keys provide plenty of reefs and shellfish to draw Tarpons. Shrimp also works well for Tarpon bait. 

Sandy Key and Rabbit Key in the Everglades are popular fishing spots in Florida for Tarpon. However, Boca Grande is the world’s most famous fishing spot for Tarpon. In particular, Homosassa Bay and Crystal River draw Tarpon anglers. 

Other fish of Florida include Seatrout. The Spotted Seatrout is available in Southern Florida. However, they are highly abundant in Western Florida on the Gulf stream.

These silver-colored fish weigh a half-pound to over five pounds if you’re game enough.  

You can catch Spotted Seatrout around creeks and shallow water in the Tampa area. Of course, you can discover our charters for fishing in Tampa for Spotted Seatrout.  

More on Fish in Florida 

You can also add Snook and Jack Crevalle to your Florida fishing guide. Jack Crevalle is also typical for fishing in Tampa. Also, keep in mind the different guidelines for the fish in Florida.

Florida has licenses for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Always abide by these rules so you can sit back and relax on our PURRfection yacht. 

We also offer cruising charters to picturesque Florida Sandbars. And yes, we can accommodate trips with our first-class sunset cruises. 

So treat yourself to this luxury boat that comes with a state-of-the-art tracking system. Book your trip today and enjoy the best fishing spots in Florida.