The charter boat business is expected to exceed $10 billion in revenue by the year 2027. If you want to take advantage of this growing industry, there’s nothing better than a sunset cruise. Instead of fighting large groups and crowded decks, enjoy the privacy of a charter boat.

Here are seven reasons why your next sunset cruise should be on a charter boat:

1. Privacy and Seclusion

A charter boat offers privacy and seclusion that you can’t get with any other solution. Instead of having to spend a quarter million or more on your own boat, charter a boat. This will give you the joy of being on a boat with your loved one or family without all the hassle.

You can enjoy the sea, especially at the magical hour of sunset, without interruption. The only people that will be on the boat with you will be the captain and the crew. They won’t get in your way. They are professionals who are there to do a job so you can enjoy yourself.

This can give you hours of precious time, quiet and alone. There’s nothing like connecting in solitude with the sound of the wind and waves.

2. Local Knowledge

Operating a boat is a stressful and demanding task that can turn into a disaster. When you charter a boat, you can rest assured that the Captain of the boat has experience in the waters you’re in. They will know where they can go and how to get you the best experience and views possible.

Whether you’re on the intercoastal waterways or out in the ocean, local knowledge of an area is vital. The ocean floor isn’t a flat, featureless thing. Having local knowledge gives the Captain what he needs to make your trip memorable and safe.

This is also important to get the best views possible. Charter Captains spend a lot of time on the water, and they know the area they operate in like the back of their hand. Many of them even grow up in the area and have been on the water there for their entire life.

3. Safety and Security

When you charter a boat, you get not the boat but the expertise of the crew. The boat will be maintained and kept up to date with maintenance and technology. This means that your trip will be safe, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Keeping your own boat maintained and up to date can take a lot of time and money. For professionals, this is what they do for a living, so you can rest assured it is done right. Charter boats adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations when it comes to safety and security.

Since you don’t need to concern yourself with what’s happening, this allows you to pay more attention to your date. A sunset cruise with a wife, girlfriend, or family is a great way to connect. Let the safe handling of the boat and passengers be the Captain’s concern, you’ve got a charter to enjoy.

4. Romantic Setting

While safety and all the other aspects of chartering are important, let’s get down to the real reason why a sunset cruise is great. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun go down on the water. Spending time with your significant other in this setting is rewarding and builds memories.

If you want to set the right mood, tone, and experience, then take a sunset cruise. As the sun goes down, the ocean cools off. This only heightens the experience as the mysterious nature of the ocean at night begins to come alive.

5. Get Away

We all know that life in the city can get monotonous, loud, and annoying. When you get out on the water, you leave all of that behind. The city is transformed from a bustling hive of activity to a distant, shimmering light on the horizon.

If you’ve never realized how beautiful the city is, you will once you see it at night from the water. The skyline, the bay, and the entire area will be lit up and the lights will shimmer off the dark, inky water around you. People for thousands of years have written epic poems about this effect.

6. Make Your Vacation Memorable

Everyone wants to go on a Florida vacation because Florida has a lot to offer. If you want to see the true majesty of the state, charter a boat. Nowhere else can you get the range of options and spectacular views you’ll see in Florida.

It doesn’t matter where your vacation takes you. From Orlando to Miami, from Tampa Bay to Jacksonville, you can find a boat charter that will get you out on the water. Boat chartering is a big business because people from all over the world want to have a true Floridian experience.

7. From the Water

Even if you’ve lived in an area for years, you’ll never see it quite as you do from the water. The tiniest of landmarks can stand out in ways that you never expected. You can also see new things, things that from the shore you would have never noticed.

Not only does this make a vacation better, it means that a sunset cruise isn’t only for those vacationing. Any special occasion is a great excuse to get out on the water and see what you’ve been missing. Pack a picnic, or see if the charter offers food, and prolong your enjoyment.

Take a Sunset Cruise

Don’t spend another day trapped on land without experiencing the joy that a sunset cruise can bring into your life. From the unrivaled romance of the situation to the joy that your entire family would have out there. Change your perspective and slow down, don’t let life pass you by too fast.

If you want to charter a boat for a sunset cruise or even for a fishing trip, contact us. We would love to get out on the water with you and help you make the memories of a lifetime.