The Gulf of Mexico could possibly be one of the best hidden gems in North America. This body of water is shared by the United States, Mexico, and most of Central America.

Considering that nearly 37 million people visited Mexico alone in 2022, this is a hot spot for tourists to kick back, relax, and maybe even let loose. If you are someone from this part of the world that is looking for a good vacation by the water, you may want to consider a Gulf of Mexico trip.

These are five of the biggest reasons why you should plan your next vacation down here.

1. Golf Courses

For those that love to play golf, there are few places around that can beat the Gulf of Mexico region. Some of the most beautiful golf courses in the United States are here and the best part is, you can play a round of golf any time of year.

For those of you that come from the northern states, it can be realistic for you to play 18 holes of golf in January. Several PGA golf courses are around this region, so you can test your skills compared to the pros.

So, if you are looking to knock a few strokes off of your game, the Gulf may be the perfect place.

2. Warm Weather

It is no secret that the Gulf of Mexico region has pretty friendly weather compared to those stuck in the north. During the winter, a lot of people like to retreat to those states and head for the warmth of the south.

Some of those people choose to go across the border to Mexico while others stay stateside in Florida. Either way, you can still get rewarded with close to beach weather in the winter if you play your cards right.

According to this monthly weather calendar, the Tampa Bay area does not see a lower average temperature than 52 degrees at any point in the year. At its peak, the average high temperature here can be 90 degrees in July.

The only downside to the weather is for about five months of the year, there is a decent chance of rain. Most notably, hurricane season months like August and September can see up to a 70% chance of rain on some days.

However, if you play your cards right and there is no hurricane in the expected forecast, the weather near the Gulf of Mexico will reward you if you are looking to have a tropical vacation.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Another thing that you can enjoy in the Gulf of Mexico is the beautiful beaches that the region has to offer. Best of all, there is a beach that is available for all types of people.

You could be looking to find a good party, you could be looking for an area that is good for families, or you could even be looking for a romantic getaway. Nevertheless, the Gulf of Mexico has it all.

Enjoy the white sand and get your tan on or jump in the amazingly blue water and go for a refreshing swim. Either way, you are surely not going to be disappointed, and best of all, you are a stone’s throw away from some excursions.

4. Watersports

Along with those beautiful beaches, you have the opportunity to go out on the water and do some great watersports.

Are you a kayaker? A surfer? Or, maybe you are somebody that loves to ride a jet ski. Either way, the Gulf of Mexico has you covered and you can enjoy all of these great watersports on these waters.

If you want to take things a step further, you have the option of chartering a boat. These can be good for a few itineraries.

The first thing this is useful for is if you want to go fishing. Not everybody owns their own boat, so this can be a great way to go out on the water for the day and see if you have any luck catching anything.

You can also use this as an excuse to take a cruise around these beautiful waters with your family, friends, or your significant other.

5. City Life Access

Finally, you may not think of this when it comes to a body of water, but there is good city life around this region. One of the great cities that you can explore in this area is Tampa Bay.

What do you get in this area? Well, you get access to pro sports teams like the Rays, Buccaneers, and Lightning. Also, if you are a fan of the college level, the University of South Florida is located in this area too.

If you are looking for some thrills, you are in luck with one of the best theme parks in the country in town. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has you covered, with the theme park themed to the African safari. One of the standout attractions here is the newest roller coaster, Iron Gwazi.

Visit the Gulf of Mexico

These are just five of the reasons why you should plan your next vacation around the Gulf of Mexico. Take advantage of the beautiful beaches and the watersports that you can do in this part of the world.

There should be great weather for most of the year and for those that want access to a big city, you are covered here.

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